Why go on a canopy tour in Monteverde?

Why go on a canopy tour in Monteverde?

Adventure tourism has become popular in recent years, because many people have discovered the various benefits brought to your life by practicing extreme activities.

We all agree that practicing any type of outdoor sport is beneficial, since it makes us come into contact with nature.

Canopy tours are one of the most followed practices by adventure lovers. Such activities require good physical condition, concentration, self-confidence and teamwork, thus translating into positive factors for the person’s health and well-being.

The term canopy, which can be translated into Spanish as “traslado entre árboles” (moving between trees) refers to an adventure tourism activity that involves the movement of the person on a steel cable that is strapped between two trees. The activity allows the person to feel more secure, stronger and very active, thereby having an impact in their physical and mental health.

The direct contact with nature allows us to face the multiple challenges that this presents. Exercise and physical activity in the natural environment take the person out of their comfort state, taking them to the limit of their emotions. By overcoming all the physical and emotional challenges to which they are exposed, the individual’s safety increases, as well as their energy and positive thoughts, and they achieve a balance which reflects in everyday life. All the people who have begun to carry out this type of activity comment on the changes they have made in their vision and their way of facing life.

Adrenaline: Unlike other sports, extreme sports (like canopy tours) provide an incredible discharge of adrenaline and energy.

That odd feeling of having crossed some limits and having made considerable efforts to reach the goal. The feeling of the risk taken during the activity, which brings us back to the sensation of new goals, allowing us to apply this to our daily life.

Defying the danger. A sense of advantage and increase in the feeling of overcoming limits and achievements.

The activity requires that the individual have strength and resistance, that is, good physical condition; otherwise, they will not be able to reach the goal. For many people, what begins as a sport or distraction, ends up becoming one of the best alternatives to improve health. Because cardiovascular exercise is done, all the muscle groups are used and they also train the brain, trying to solve various situations to achieve the objectives.

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