The wonderful experience of flying through the trees

The word “canopy” means “treetop” and as an activity it consists of sliding on a cable through the air. It is the closest thing to flying at a considerable height.

A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended by cables mounted on a slope or inclination. They are designed to be propelled by gravity, and thus slide from the top to the bottom of the cable, usually made of stainless steel.

That’s why if you’re an adrenaline lover, a canopy tour is an excellent choice. This panorama was designed both for those who are lovers of non-traditional sports and for those who like to enjoy nature from another point of view.
Canopy Tour is an extreme sport that consists of the movement hanging from cables that are traced in forests among the branches of trees. The name comes from the arboreal canopy, since many of these cables are installed through the forests.

The necessary equipment to do canopy includes: helmets, gloves, pulleys, harnesses and carabiners.

Tension is important to prevent the cable from curving down, which would affect the motion and could even stop it before reaching the other side. Thus, care should be taken in order to use the correct load tension since, depending on the size of the zip line, this load can overcome the tensile strength of both the rope and the cable. For this reason, the use of measuring equipment and professionals qualified to carry out this work is recommended.

Because this is an activity that does not depend on physical effort by the participant, zip lining is an option as an adventure activity in businesses such as rural hotels, theme parks, water parks, clubs and other tourism segments. Zip lines are built under the strictest safety standards for such activity, so that practitioners feel comfortable and safe.

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