Why go visit here?

Monteverde is a unique place in the world that will make you experience unique moments in your life.

Experimental tourism is a growing global movement where people learn through direct experience and Monteverde is the ideal place to enjoy it.

The term experimental tourism covers a variety of categories in tourism where activities are sensitive to the environment, we show respect for the culture of the place and seek to experiment and learn instead of merely staying behind watching.

It always requires direct interaction and includes three elements: people, a place and an activity. Experimental tourism includes active participation, involvement and immersion.

The experimental tourist is the person who likes to travel and/or visit places at a deeper level, seeking to live experiences and really connect with the culture and local people. The main motivation of this traveler is not only to take pictures in new places, but also to participate in new experiences and learn through them.

This traveler not only wants to know the history of a place, but also to learn how to do new things and get involved in the activities of the local culture thus creating memories that will last in his mind. Not only that, but most likely they share their experiences with friends, family and on their social networks.

Next, we will see some reasons why experimental tourism is beneficial for your life:

It can help you define your passions and purpose. Having new experiences and knowing new horizons can help you discover your purpose and what you are passionate about.

It introduces you to different perspectives. There is no better way to learn about other perspectives than by visiting new places. Experimental tourism is undoubtedly one of the great ways to experience various cultures and different social norms.

Spending time in nature can be extremely relaxing and healing. Knowing different horizons will clear your mind. This type of learning has the potential to change your life.

It gives you unforgettable experiences and valuable memories. For many people, tourism is about having experiences that they can treasure in their memory and remember forever.


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