Monteverde Canopy Tour

Only in Monteverde Extremo Park

The Extreme Canopy has the only two Superman zip lines in all of Costa Rica. Experience the unique and exhilarating Aerial Superman and the Subterranean Superman live in Monteverde Extremo Park.

We will take you on a 4 km route through the Monteverde Cloud Forest and you will be able to admire the stunning views of the mountains while soaring from heights between 246 feet to 590 feet above the canopy. With the help of certified guides your aerial adventure will cross 16 zip lines ranging between 1,525 feet to an astonishing 3,380 feet. This combination of height and distance will create the most unforgettable adrenaline rush of your life. The adventure package lasts 3 hours and guests will perform a 262 foot Tarzan style swing and a 100 foot rappel.

Finally as things could not get anymore thrilling, we offer the only Superman Aerial and Superman Subterranean tour in Costa Rica. In the Air Superman, all your emotions will collapse during a 3,380 foot journey, with breath taking views on the longest zip line in Monteverde. At last in its legendary style the Underground Superman with a cable of 787 feet will allow you to travel through a tunnel of 623 feet headfirst.

Do not think about it, we are the only extreme and original adventure tour in Monteverde.

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