Ideal for Ecotourism

Do you want to engage in a different type of tourism? If you like nature and adventure, this is a great opportunity that will make you live unforgettable experiences.

Ecotourism, or ecological tourism, is a type of tourism focused on the enjoyment of nature, with special emphasis on preserving the balance of the environment. Thus, the word is an acronym formed with the words ecology and tourism.
It is a form of tourism based on nature: the objective is for tourists to learn, by observing ecosystems, to appreciate the nature that surrounds them and the traditional cultures of that natural area.

The origin of ecotourism as a concept goes back to the 80s, when the world’s society began to echo this form of alternative tourism as a viable option for sustainable development, especially as a way to fight against climate change.

Ecotourism combines tourism activity, associated with the enjoyment of leisure travel, with a set of ethical principles related to the preservation of the balance of nature, that is, a minimum environmental impact, the conscious and rational use of natural resources, respect and sensitivity to the social and cultural environment (community), and support for human rights and fair working conditions for workers in the area.
The concept of ecotourism, which is relatively recent, emerged from the formulation of the theory of sustainable development, which advocates for a world in which human beings make responsible and efficient use of natural resources, without compromising the possibilities of generations to come.

That’s why Monteverde Extremo is the ideal place to do Ecotourism. It has one of the most beautiful views of the area, along with the extreme adventure of admiring the natural wealth from the heights, as well as activities such as the huge Tarzan, the giant rappel and the fantastic distance of each of the cables, the largest of 2550 ft long and 450 ft high.
It has several experiences to enjoy:
Swing Extremo: a Tarzan-style fall from the top of a tree while holding onto a rope.
Canopy tour: cables up to 2550 ft long and 450 ft high.
Bungee Jump: Jump from a hanging platform in the middle of the forest at a height of 450 ft.
Buggy Tour: Extreme mountain tour in a buggy car

Ecotourism is an alternative to traditional tourism that contemplates that the ecotourist develops a harmonious, conscious and responsible relationship with the social, cultural and natural environment that receives him; In addition, it seeks to raise awareness about the preservation of the environment, respect for human rights and social justice.

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