Bungee: A leap into space

If you like pure adrenaline, no subtleties, no excuses, bungee jump is the perfect, almost addictive experience for those who love extreme adventures.

“All the emotions together accumulated in my stomach and only a cry came out that I had never heard. When I was held upside down holding only by the cables I came to mind all the reasons they told me not to do it and I was glad I did not hear any of them. “

Bungee jumping basically consists of launching into the void from a platform at a considerable height. The platform can be a bridge, a crane or any surface that meets the safety requirements necessary to perform this activity and the height should be indicated so that it is not too risky for those who practice it. To do this, it is necessary to have an elastic rope tied to the ankles, which allows the person to fall in free form, to cushion the fall and then to bounce back.

It is a safe activity if done with professionals who have the right equipment. One of the essential tools for practicing bungee jumping is an elastic rope with particular characteristics that have to do with its composition and flexibility.

Indeed, the elastic rope must be able to stretch 400% and have the capacity to support up to a ton of weight thanks to its formation of a thousand strips of natural latex intertwined with silicone, zinc oxide and ozone additive.

To practice bungee jumping it is necessary to comply with a series of safety measures that ensure a safe and reliable practice, and also possess the necessary equipment to avoid inconveniences and personal injuries.

The bungee jumping equipment consists of a special harness, a padded bumper and a set of attachments, which control the fall and give progressive braking. The elastic cord has a great flexibility capable of supporting up to a ton of weight. In addition to the rope, carabiners are necessary to secure it to the original platform and special gloves to protect the hands. Once held by the rope tied to the ankles, it is recommended that the jumper is propelled forward to describe the proper path in the air. Each jump requires a minimum of three people; One that is placed above, on the platform, another down and the third is the one that jumps. It is important to check that the rope and the anchorages of the same, as well as the other elements are in perfect safety. Rope measurement is also key, since at least 5 meters should be subtracted from the bridge or platform height, so as to ensure a perfect fall, without risks or complications for the jumper.

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